Adventure Central Newfoundland is a non-profit membership based Tourism Destination Management Organization (DMO) whose role is to enhance the tourism industry and market Central Newfoundland as a world class multi-season tourism destination. It was established in 2009 by an assortment of tourism stakeholders as a professional tourism organization that could provide marketing muscle and advance shared destination development goals for the Central region of Newfoundland.


Your Tourism Connection on the Ground

Adventure Central Newfoundland works closely on a ground level with a variety of businesses and organizations that make up the tourism industry including, but not limited to; adventure operators, accommodations, crafts people, art galleries, restaurants, museums, festivals & events, municipalities, destination demand generators, receptive tour operators, outfitters, and tour guides, as well as companies associated with transportation and visitor information. As a membership based organization, Adventure Central Newfoundland strives to partner with tourism stakeholders that offer quality products, services and overall experiences.  Each stakeholder has an important role within the industry and Adventure Central Newfoundland aims to aligning these destination assets with provincial, regional and local tourism themes to enhance the visitor experience.


Adventure Central Newfoundland’s mission is to:

-       Increase the number of visitors to the region

-       Increase the tourism revenue for its members

-       Assist tourism ambassadors with identifying new tourism opportunities


Adventure Central Newfoundland assists stakeholders through personalized product development assistance and a wide array of effective marketing opportunities. Join Adventure Central Newfoundland today.


Your Regional Tourism Voice

Adventure Central Newfoundland has a dedicated volunteer board of directors that represent different geographical sections of the region as well as different sectors within the tourism industry.  These representatives are elected by Adventure Central Newfoundland’s membership, and provide guidance to the organization, to ensure all areas of the region and aspects of the industry are well represented.    


As the regional Tourism DMO for Central Newfoundland, Adventure Central Newfoundland partners with federal and provincial tourism organizations including the Department of Business, Tourism, Culture, & Rural Development (BTCRD), Hospitality Newfoundland Labrador (HNL), Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), and Destination Canada to conduct projects that meet strategic goals and further develop the tourism industry. Adventure Central Newfoundland plays an essential role in achieving the provincial tourism strategy called “Uncommon Potential; A Vision for Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism” (Vision 2020). The main objective of Vision 2020 is to increase provincial tourism revenues to $1.6 billion by the year 2020 by employing seven strategic directions identified through stakeholder consultations.


Vision 2020 Strategic Directions:

1)      Private Public Leadership – A partnership for tourism growth and development

2)      Sustainable Transport Network – A transportation strategy to grow our industry

3)      Market Intelligence & Research Strategy – A framework for accessible & timely research

4)      Experience Development – Delivering strategic & sustainable traveler experiences

5)      Tourism Technology – Strengthening our information & communications technology

6)      Marketing our Brand – Leveraging the success of our creative marketing campaign

7)      Developing Our Workforce – Growing our people for a dynamic industry


Your Opportunity to be Promoted Locally and Worldwide

Adventure Central Newfoundland has strong business connections with an assortment of local, national and international media and travel trade companies. Such companies have immense interest in Central Newfoundland as it is a unique multi-season tourism destination. Through collaborative efforts, Adventure Central Newfoundland promotes its members and the Central region of Newfoundland worldwide at:


-       Consumer Travel Shows (resident and non-resident)

-       Media Market Places

-       Travel Trade Market Places


Popular media and reputable travel trade companies are then selected to participate in familiarization (FAM) tours that showcase unique destinations and experiences in Central Newfoundland. In turn, the region and its stakeholders receive direct marketing through media and sales through travel trade companies that sell guided multi-day vacations as well as fully independent travel (FIT) itineraries.

Adventure Central Newfoundland also assists stakeholders with identifying marketing strategies that optimizing online presence, capitalizing on provincial tourism business listings and promotions, and include other strategic print, video and radio marketing options.