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Adventure Central Newfoundland strives to partner with tourism stakeholders that offer quality products, services and overall experiences.

Any individual, business, community, or organization affiliated with the tourism industry has the opportunity to become a member of Adventure Central Newfoundland. To become a member, simply fill out a membership application form and forward it, along with your annual membership fee of $150 + tax, to Adventure Central Newfoundland.

To maintain the integrity of the industry all members must meet the minimum requirements set out by the Newfoundland Labrador Tourism Assurance Plan (TAP). Those that are in the development stage are welcome to contact Adventure Central Newfoundland for assistance in reaching these minimum requirements.

Tourism Assurance Plan (TAP) minimum business requirements

  • Have the ability to communicate and receive messages from customers by telephone and email and have the ability to respond to inquiries on a regular basis
    • This allows customers to connect with you directly to make a sale
  • Have an online presence (examples include: website, facebook page, etc.)
    • This allows customers to gain more information on your offerings
  • If items being sold are more than $10, at a minimum, accept credit and/ or debit cards payments
    • Credit and debit cards are often used by travelers. A variety of payment methods are accepted
  • Possess and maintain valid business licenses, permits and other regulatory requirements to operate
    • Licenses and permits are necessary and required by law. Operating without the necessary approvals puts the customer and operator at risk
  • Maintain current and sufficient levels of liability insurance
    • Insurance is a consumer expectation; it protects the business owner’s investment and increases the long term stability of operations
  • Deliver actual experiences or services being promoted and/or offered to the consumer
    • This allows the business to set and meet customer expectations
  • Address complaints that may arise using the Tourism Assurance Plan’s complaint procedure
    • This provides businesses with a general guideline for handling complaints
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