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2+ Day Trips

Travel the Road to the Beaches in Central Newfoundland: Experience Eastport Peninsula & Terra Nova National Park

Day 1: Sink your toes in the white sandy beaches of the Eastport Peninsula, where you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the Atlantic Ocean. Then lace up your walking shoes for a hike to the new Damnable Trail System, which showcases some of the region's many highlights. The trails are spectacular and they vary to accommodate hikers of all skill levels — from the casual to the most experienced. In the afternoon, head to Happy Adventure Inn for a picnic lunch and boat tour through sheltered inlets and fjords to abandoned island settlements where only eagles, puffins and wild goats exist today. As evening sets in, visit the Beaches Heritage Centre for a concert, comedy show, or drama performance.

Day 2: Travel to North America’s most easterly National Park, Terra Nova National Park, to experience 400 square kilometers of natural beauty. Tour the Visitor Information Centre for a hands-on experience with marine creatures from the intertidal zone. Try sea kayaking with Happy Adventure Tours and then return to dry land to explore a few of the 12 designated hiking trails. As you walk along the twisted coastal paths, you might spy a moose grazing, a beaver swimming, or an eagle flying freely above. Select an activity from the long list of special programs offered by Terra Nova National Park, or reconnect with your creative side with a painting lesson with local artist Brenda Matchim of Happy Adventure Inn.

10 Day Trips

Experience Adventure Central Newfoundland, the land of icebergs, whales, and hiking trails

Day 1: Gander

Arrive to the island of Newfoundland in style at the historic Gander International Airport, known as the Crossroads of the World for its role in transatlantic travel and its famous international lounge.  Pick up your rental car and check into your local accommodations just minutes from the airport.  Relax for the evening to get your bearings and to adjust to the unique Newfoundland time zone. 

Day 2: Terra Nova National Park & Eastport Peninsula

Start your first adventure filled day in Terra Nova National Park – North America’s most easterly national park. Hold live marine creatures in your hands at the Visitor Information Centre before heading out to experience the park by land and sea.  Lace up your walking shoes to explore a few of the twelve designated hiking trails, and then cruise the shallow inlets in boat for a coastal prospective. Then venture west along the Road to the Beaches to the various communities of the Eastport Peninsula.

Day 3: Eastport Peninsula

Take a crisp morning walk along the white sandy beaches to spy whales and seabirds. Drop in to see the various art galleries and visit the picturesque fishing community of Salvage.  Then slip into a sea kayak in Happy Adventure to experience sea caves and natural waterfalls. Enjoy an assortment of interactive entertainment in the evening including storytelling, theater, and painting parties.  

Day 4: Newtown & Fogo Island

Travel the “Loop” to experience the life of fishing merchants at the Barbour Living Heritage Village in Newtown, known as the “Venice of Newfoundland”. Tour the village, learn how to mend nets with a modern day fishermen, and even bake your very own pie.  Scout the northern shore for icebergs and nestle in by cozy camp fire before retreating back to your accommodations.  

Day 5: Fogo Island

Catch the morning ferry at Farewell for a beautiful 45 minute ferry ride to Fogo Island. Drop into the visitor information center to get an detailed update on all of the events and activities available by day. Visit the FU Trading Post in Seldom to learn about the Fogo Island process that allowed Fogo Islanders to prosper during times of resettlement.  Re-energize with a locally roasted coffee and get a sneak peek view of the award winning Fogo Island Inn.  Soak up the landscape and enjoy a culinary experience infused with local flavors.  Then follow the winding island roads to settle into your quaint ocean side accommodation and catch the last of the fading light at Brimstone Head, named by the Flat Earth Society as one of the four corners of the earth. 

Day 6: Fogo Island & Twillingate

Start the day off with a bird’s eye view of Fogo Island at the Marconi Wireless Interpretation Center, and then immerse yourself in the various island communities. Venture along walking trails to marvel at the modern architecture of the Shorefast art studios and discover the rich Irish culture of Tilting, the first Registered Heritage District in Newfoundland and an official National Historic Site. As the sun arches across the sky, depart Fogo Island via ferry on route for Twillingate where local entertainment, music and theater await. Peak

Day 7: Twillingate

Known as the Iceberg Capital of the World, Twillingate is the place visitors come from far and wide to experience 12,000-year- old leviathans of ice. Explore the many cafés, museums, and craft shops in town, and visit the Long Point Lighthouse for a cliff side view of the Atlantic Ocean.  Then hop aboard a local boat tour to get a closer look at the drifting slabs of ice, or to catch a glimpse of the many whale species that frequent the shores. Return to land for a traditional meal with a modern twist and head out for an evening stroll to sample wild berries along the various community walking trails.  

Day 8: Twillingate & Boyd’s Cove & Lewisporte & Kings Point

Travel back in time to experience highlights of Newfoundland’s history. In the morning, visit the Prime Berth Fishing & Heritage Museum, ranked the 6th best museum in Canada on TripAdvisor. Then slip back 300 years to the time of the Beothuk culture at the Boyd’s Cove Beothuk Interpretation Center.  Breathe in the fresh ocean air at the spirit garden and stretch your legs along the pleasant walking trail to the old village. Once refreshed, travel south to the town of Lewisporte to see segments of the Caribou Train that was the first cross island method of transportation, ironically nicknamed the “Newfie Bullet”, for its slow speed.   Then head west to the town of King’s Point for a relaxing evening on the water watching sea birds dive, whales feed and icebergs drift by.  

Day 9: Kings Point & Grand Falls – Windsor

Take a morning stroll through the town of King’s Point to meet the locals and visit the Humpback Whale Pavilion to get up close and personal with a 52 foot female whale skeleton.  Stop into the world renowned pottery shop to see unique art from around Canada and to experience a personalized wheel throwing and decorating clay session.  Then travel down the coastal road to the community of Rattling Brook for a lovely scenic walk to the eight hundred foot Rattling Brook Falls. As the evening descends, head to the town of Grand Falls – Windsor for an entertaining night with the Queen Street dinner theater. 

Day 10: Grand Falls – Windsor & Gander

Think skinny as you travel across the mighty Exploits River on the single-lane bridge to the Salmonid Interpretation Centre, the site of one of the largest salmon enhancement projects in North America.  Learn the lifecycle of Atlantic salmon, and witness the vigor of these fish as you watch them, from above or below, leaping up the salmon ladder on their annual migration.  Then travel the eastern section of the Trans Canada Highway towards Gander.  Along the way, stop in Appleton to chat with local fly fisherman as they cast their lines on the Gander River.  Stop into the North Atlantic Aviation Museum to inspect the wide variety of preserved aircraft and have a chuckle at the witty and authentic depictions of Gander’s aviation history.  After a ten day tour of Adventure Central Newfoundland, take in one last natural outing to view the Gander Lake at the Thomas Howe Demonstration Forest where lush green mosses lather the understory.

3 Day Trips

Take the Road Less Traveled to Unique Communities in Newfoundland: Experience Baie Verte Peninsula & Triton & Lewisporte

Day 1: Take the road less traveled to the Baie Verte Peninsula. Drop down to the Miners Museum to explore the tunnel of mining history. Then head north to the town of Fleur de Lys and run your hands along the soapstone outcrop of one of North America’s first mines, the Dorset Soapstone Quarry National Historic Site, which dates back 1,600 years. While in town, take a short stroll to the dock to welcome fishing vessels as they return with their afternoon catch. Then head to the outport community of La Scie for a cup of tea and local entertainment at the Outport Museum & Tea Room.  As evening sets in, unwind on a rock along the shoreline to catch a glimpse of icebergs as they drift by or stop in for a visit with Celeste Colbourne at Fair Haven Retreat for a spinning lesson.        

Day 2: Head southeast to Robert's Arm in search of Cressie, the mysterious eel-like lake monster that lurks in the depths of Crescent Lake.  Keep your eyes peeled and cameras ready while scouting the waterway via land on the nearby Hazelnut Hiking and Adventure Trail. Continue your investigation of water giants at the Triton Sperm Whale Pavilion to look inside the mouth of the largest toothed predator on earth.  Then head to the town of Lewisporte to explore the antique rail cars of the Caribou, the train that once was the main method of transportation across the Island of Newfoundland.  

Day 3: Spend the day exploring the Bay of Exploits with Canoe Hill Adventures.  Slip into sea kayaks and explore the various sheltered inlets in search of icebergs, whales and eagles.  Paddle across to Exploits Island for a picnic lunch and to visit the impressive water break rock wall.  Then walk in the footsteps of cultures past on your way to the lighthouse at Surgeon Cove Head.    

Explore the Fringes of Beautiful Green Bay Newfoundland: Experience King’s Point & Springdale

Day 1:  Awake on the water of Notre Dame Bay, to the sounds of seabirds chatting and Minke whales feeding. Take a morning stroll through the town of Kings Point and visit the Humpback Whale Pavilion to get up close and personal with a 52 foot female whale skeleton.  Stop into the local pottery shop to see unique art from around Canada and to experience a personalized wheel throwing and decorating clay session.  Then grab a towel and sturdy walking shoes for a refreshing dip by the eight hundred foot Rattling Brook Falls.

Day 2:  Indulge in an energizing breakfast before heading out to hike one of Newfoundland’s best kept secrets, the eight kilometer Alexander Murray Hiking Trail. Ascend through a six hundred foot gorge to the top lookout to scout icebergs floating in Green Bay below. Meander back down to sea level and relax your legs on the water as you cruise along the coast on a boat tour.

Day 3:  Take relaxing drive out to Nicky’s Nose Cove to scout for icebergs that frequent the local beach and then head to the town of Springdale for a rip roaring back country adventure with Rob Clarke Motorsports, with a variety of trails and unique destinations to choose from.